Tree and Shrub Schedule

Dormant oil. January - March

This is an organic spray applied to the landscape plants during the dormant months early in the year. This spray helps contol scale, spider mites and other damaging pests. Dormant oil sprayed on your landscape coats these damaging pests that over winter on branches and leaves. This oil encases the pest, preventing them from becoming troublesome in warmer, hot weather.

Spring Fertilizer/deep root. February - April

  • This application offers a slow-release fertilizer that will last through the summer months.  This will provide a metered slow feeding to your landscape plants.
  • Stimulates development of a canopy and blooms.
  • Promotes thick, healthy vibrant foliage.
  • Optimizes soil condition and nutrient content.
  • Additional micro – nutrients included for plant health and greening.

Insect and disease control. April - September

We include spray applications for pest and diseases in our tree and shrub program, that will protect and maintain the beauty of your lawns ornamental trees and shrubs.

  • Fungacides are required to prevent and control fungus on our landscape.  This is an oderles spray that has a long residual to keep plants free of the mildew problem.
  • These insect control products that we use are designed to control only the chewing sucking insects.  Once dry, these sprays are safe for birds, bees and butterflies.

Fall fertilizer / deep root. September - November

After the summer heat, landscape needs a well-balanced feeding to recover and prepare for winter.

  • This application strengthens plants going into winter dormancy.
  • This high in phosphorus fall fertilizer application will promote strong, healthy roots now, leading to more beautiful and lush plants in the spring.
  • Additional micro-nutrients included for plant nutrients to further help greening and plant health.

Tree & Shrub Program

  1. Winter dormant oil.  March – April
    This application will aid in the control of wintering insects.
  2. Sprint fertilizer / deep root feeding.  March – April
    This application provides needed nutrients and will aid plants in recovery from winter.
  3. Late spring insect and disease control.  May – June
    This application will help in the control of mildew, leaf spot and damaging pests before hot weather begins.
  4. Summer spraying.  July – August
    This application will aid in the protection of your trees and shrubs from damaging insects and diseases.
  5. Late Summer spraying.  Sep – Oct.
    This application will continue in the aiding and protection of your trees and shrubs from damaging insects and diseases.
  6. Fall fertilizer / deep root feeding.  Oct – Nov
    This application provides necessary macro and micro nutrients, plants will store up this feeding and will help them over winter.